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Parenting can be a very challenging endeavor. Children don't come with operating instructions. Every child at one time or another becomes ill or encounters behavioral challenges. We would like to recommend the following sources of information as extremely reliable and the most likely to be helpful to you in your role as a parent.

KidsDoc Symptom Checker
Dr. Barton Schmidt has authored some of the most widely used protocols to help parents learn what they can do at home to manage illnesses, when to go to the doctor, and what signals the need for immediate medical attention. The American Academy of Pediatrics brings these protocols to you via their patient education website in a venue called KidsDoc Symtom Checker which is also available as an iPhone App.

Useful Links
Web links are provided to websites relating to children's health issues as well as to pages within specific sites for a variety of pediatric topics.

Recommended Reading
Classic and new books on an array of health and parenting topics

Community Resources
Local community resources including mothers' groups, lactation specialists, information on developmental evaluations.

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